Gigabyte P34G V2 upgrading to Windows 10

important: Read updated version of this topic (April 2017)

Gigabyte P34G V2 is a great laptop for all. I have been using for 2 years. Finally I decided to take Windows 10 update (and not going back this time). In this post I will make important advises to other owners about upgrading.

First if you have problems, any problems I mean, with windows 10 update tool (GWX), forget it. Just be sure you have 20 GB free space in your C drive and you can start upgrading with this software

After making upgrade you will notice some problems with your laptop. For screen brightness can’t be controlled error you need to update your VGA drivers. As a proud gigabyte user you will want to use smart manager. You need to update it too. So first you need to update smart update software. But how? Here is the link

In that page you will find all other driver and software updates for gigabyte p34g v2 windows 10. If you install Smart Update first, you will see some drivers listed in smart update is newer than that page. So you can prefer newer versions. But don’t install new bios found in smart update. FB05 F007 bios version have big problems! It makes laptop’s fan noisy. A continuous and weird noise was coming from my laptop. I was going mad almost. As a result just install bios version  FB05 F005 listed on that page.

After that install lan and wi-fi drivers. And lastly realtek hd audio drivers. Its good to see dolby digital audio software is working again! It was failing since last driver update (taken from smart update). If you have any problems just comment this. Cya.

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