Gigabyte P34G V2 upgrading to Windows 10 – 2017

Few months ago I was talked about Gigabyte P34G V2 Windows 10 update solution. In that time Gigabyte was gave us a new but bad version of bios (FB05 F007). I was downgraded my bios. Since then I updated all drivers from Gigabyte’s web site but I was having big issues about shutdown Windows 10. After shutdown screen goes off, my computer was hangs on at black screen while keyboard is fully responsive, cpu goes %100 (I claim it due to fan noise). The only way to do complete shutdown is pressing down long time on shutdown button.  I deactivated hibernate, checked windows update and another services, disable many many things including Windows telemetry service, downgraded some drivers (intel storage, lan etc..) but the issue was same. I checked the Gigabyte’s website again then bingo, they uploaded new drivers and bios. Also the download page link is changed. Now the latest and well working stable bios is FB05/FD05 .

For downloading latest bios go and select Windows 10, select bios and select Win10 again. With new bios I think the laptop is now less noisy and more stable. And since updating the bios I have never bump into Windows 10 shutdown stuck error again. Have a nice day.

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