How to fix your tablet Pc’s battery? (Windows or Android)

This advice is mainly for chuwi hi8 pro or any other tablets in the market like that. The tablets battery gets numb in time so quickly.

In first I get full 4 hour web browsing, video playing etc time on the tablet. But after 1 month it battery stats went mostly non correct. I can’t even be sure if it really charging. And finally it was a change to use tablet even while charger plugged in. As a first I think I need to change the battery but no there is no need to battery changing really. The 4000 mAh tablet battery is priced at 10$ at last but you maybe don’t need this. Just check its voltages on the positive and negative terminal firstly.

You need to know how to use multimeter and maybe some soldering for doing this. Check the battery voltage after cutting it’s connection to the tablet. If it gives voltages above 2.7 V, you really don’t need to change it. You only need to change the battery protection circuit which is embedded to the top of the battery. You can buy single cell li-ion battery protection circuits from aliexpress or ebay just for 0.20$. You just need do some soldering job.

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